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Smile Makeover

The smile makeover procedure may involve one or more of the following treatments mentioned below. It varies from person to person and is custom made according to each individual's need. A proper evaluation is done on the first visit regarding what is necessary and what are your expectations. After a thorough understanding we design a treatment plan including one or more of the following procedures to give you the dazzling smile which you always desired!!

  • Direct veneers: It is a chair-side procedure in which the front teeth are modified / restored. Perfect shade matching and contouring is done which aids in later of layering of composites material. Direct veneering is an art by which the broken or badly shaped teeth can be modified and given desired shape ,size and colour. It can be done in case of teeth lengthening or smile widening procedures.

  • Indirect veneers:  Veneers are made with same shade as your natural teeth with very less tooth structure modification making it appear completely natural. This procedure may require 2-3 sittings . In the first sitting a cast is made of your teeth on which your smile is designed which will further be explained to you in case you need any changes we can modify at this stage. In the second sitting the teeth are prepared for the veneers and a final impression is made. This is used for fabrication of your customised venners;. In the final sitting these veneers are cemented on the teeth and polished for that perfect shiny celebrity smile you always desired.

  • ​Teeth whitening: ​​In teeth whitening procedure, a chemical is used alongwith bleaching light to brighten the teeth naturally. The procedure takes about 1 hour. We can compare the Before & after shades. In the whitening procedure, the solution acts with the enamel of your teeth and whitens the teeth from within. It has exceptional results in just an hour with no harmful adverse effects.

  • ​Enameloplasty and Teeth lengthening: Shape & size of the teeth is modified as and how required to improve the smile line. In case of gummy smile, where the gums show more than the crown portion of the teeth while smiling, the length of the teeth is increased by modifying the gums. This will enhance the smile and give desired length to the teeth making you look more attractive!

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