Bridge and Caps

  • Zirconia Bridge & Caps: The brand for Zirconia we use for back / chewing teeth is Bruxir (also known as bullet proof caps). The strength of this material is impeccable and has warranty for 15 years. The front teeth material which is used is Lava* which is a 3M* product. It is highly aesthetically pleasing with perfect shade matching, superior strength & warranty.

  • ​PFM – DMLS Bridge & Caps:​​ 

            -- ​These are ceramic layered over metal Caps / Bridge. They are highly beneficial for                                       aesthetic purpose in an economic range.

            ​-- The color matching is almost perfect and is made with computer aided precision.

            ​-- The margin, fit and shape is almost like a natural tooth.

            ​-- The material is almost weight-less, hence very comfortable for our patients. Another advantage of                 this material is that it is nickel free and hence completely bio compatible in the oral cavity. 

            ​-- It has a life of 5-7 years depending on quality of material you choose.

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