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Painless – Painfree Root Canal Treatment (RCT)

  • Root canal treatment (RCT) is associated with lot of pain in general idea, but with the latest equipment & injecting techniques the pain is managed to almost nil. We have an expertise in making your RCT experience completely pain-free.

  • Root canal treatment (RCT) is required when tooth decay has reached to the pulp tissue of the tooth. It is checked with X-ray and confirmed for RCT treatment.

  • The infected pulp tissue is then removed and tooth interior is disinfected and cleaned thoroughly with irrigating solutions. The root space is completely disinfected and finally filled with plastic like material called gutta-purcha which fills up the space created. The tooth is then restored with glass ionomer cement or composite material or if the decay or loss of tooth structure is more then post and core procedure might be required. Where the tooth root is strengthened by putting a post in root space to hold the restoration intact. This completes the Root canal treatment. 
  • Later the tooth has to be capped with a crown. Various different options are available for it!

  • RCTs are done in 1-2 sittings depending upon the extent of decay in the tooth.

  • ​If the tooth if not saved in time, the tooth will have to be extracted / removed.

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