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The upper and lower dentures are made with utmost and best quality material at Dental Cure Inc. for natural adaptability among patients. Missing teeth causes an emotional trauma to the patients for which we use a natural looking material to replace all of your missing teeth in a form of a denture. 

  • Conventional Denture: A regular / conventional denture takes about 4 to 5 sittings, different measurements are taken for patient’s best fit. These dentures are made after 15-20 days of extracting the natural teeth. We provide highly aesthetic and compatible material which makes it easier for the patients to adapt with the dentures.

  • ​Immediate Dentures: These dentures are made soon after removing / extracting the natural teeth. In case of urgency, which is further adjusted with a hard / soft lining material in the dentures base. The advantage of these dentures is that patient is never seen without teeth. It is made in a short span of 2 days.

  • Tooth Supported Dentures